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Serving the Mornington Peninsula

Sail Repairs

We do quality repairs

When your sail is damaged, you want to have it repaired within a reasonable timeline and have the confidence that it is done right. Here at Ryan Sails, we take great pride in our ability to do high quality repairs that last the test of time and breathes new life into your sails.

We don't just repair either. We also adjust old sails to fit a new rig, or fix sails that just don't fly quite right.

Bring your sails in for and assessment and we will give you a thorough rundown of the condition of your sails, giving you recommendation that will help protect your sails into the future.

Soon we will be launching our sail cleaning services, which will allow you to leave your sails with us and we will clean the filth off, leaving your sails looking pristine.

Sail Re-cuts

Just because your sail is old and worn out does not mean that it is the end of its life. Many sails can be re-cut into smaller sails adding years to their life.

Examples of common re-cuts are:

  • Cutting down an old hanked sail in good condition to one that will fit a new furler.
  • Removing old damaged cloth on the leech and foot, leaving behind less damaged cloth.
  • Having a larger second hand sail cut down to fit.
  • Reshaping the luff to get some shape into a flat sail.