Multihull Sails

Multihull Sails need specialised design and construction, for both racing and cruising.

Ryan Sails offers sails, specifically designed to get the most out of this rapidly growing style of boats, that are known for their speed, comfort and seaworthiness.

We have been designing and making sails for racing trimarans and catamarans for more than 30 years, we understand your needs and have evolved our skills to ensure your cruising catamaran sails will provide years of trouble free high performance cruising.

ryan cruising multihull sails

As with every new sail design, the process begins with your sailing goals.

Ryan Sails specialises in developing solutions that satisfy your specific needs and intended type of sailing, helping you maximise boat performance.

Obviously the larger the sail, the heavier it gets, so a primary consideration for large multihulls is the sailcloth. We work with you to ensure sails that are lighter than an equivalent conventional panel sail, with greatly improved stretch resistance and shape retention. Headboards and sail fittings have undergone huge development as well, with new available shapes and materials offering improved strength, lightness and durability.

The specialised needs of large multihulls requires greater collaboration between sail maker, boat designer, rig manufacturer, boat builder, project manager and owner. Because most everything is custom, a high level of engineering is required. To support the needs of large multihulls, Phyllida Rixon is personally involved in every aspect of project management, design, construction and sail fitment.

We look forward to working with you on your next multihull sail project.

If you would like to know more about Ryan Sails or arrange an appointment regarding sails for your yacht contact:

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