The importance of protecting your sails from UV

 It is important to protect sails from the sun. We do this by either taking them down and stowing them below decks or by covering them.

Headsails on furlers are often protected by UV strips (otherwise known as sacrificial strips, leech strips etc). This cover doesn’t often get checked until it is very noticeably damaged, which can lead to the damage of the sail it is supposed to protect.

To prevent this check the UV strip for the following:
– holes of any kind (holes caused by rubbing or catching may need extra help in preventing a re-occurrence)
– missing stitching, stitching often gets destroyed by the sun before the strips needs replacement
– severe discolouration of the cloth can be a sign of it approaching the end of its life
– you can tear it easily with your fingers
– discolouration of the sailcloth it is protecting

It is often easier and cheaper to repair/replace the UV strip than it is to replace the entire sail.

Should you buy a sail from Ryan Sails?

An unsolicited endorsement about buying Ryan Sails, from 2004.

Peter McDonald, owner skipper of Melbourne Classic Yacht, ‘Pastime II’ penned this unsolicited endorsement about his experience over 3 decades, buying Ryan Sails. He talks about the workmanship and sail quality, of his sails purchased more than 10 years ago. Today, he sent in this image of ‘Pastime II’ his pristine 43 ft classic timber ex metre boat, now sloop rigged, heading for line honours in the Melbourne Classic Passage Race.

Buying Ryan Sails

Pastime II, heading to another classic racing line honours victory with 10 year old Ryan Sails, as we say…we are still going strong after 40 years… and so will your Ryan Sails.

The following letter, from Peter McDonald, refers to sails on the yacht that are now approaching 15 years old, previously the sail suite on Pastime II, lasted for more than 20 years. Ryan Sails, have endured the radical changes to the Australian Sail making industry, and have resisted any moves to become a part of international lofts.

It is this type of customer loyalty that we have worked hard to achieve, with our workmanship and quality speaking for itself.

Buying Ryan Sails

The letter from Peter McDonald, skipper of Pastime II, from Hobsons Bay Yacht Club.

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